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Mass Reality

Consciousness is All That Is

My long held view after immersing in the Seth Books is that we are each as drops in the ocean of All That Is. The "God" word is too limiting for me now that every drop is in the same ocean. Mass reality then includes all of us and everything we consider "physical" as creations of consciousness, not vice-versa. Read the Seth books, and their many predecessors through the ages and current wisdom teachings before rejecting this point of view. Also realize that I didn't accept it without years of testing that left me with no doubt and no "blind" faith needed. Just reading these words or Seth's isn't enough, you have to learn from ever more challenging experience and deep introspection to trust the process and get the hell out of the way. Eventually you can learn to confidently Go with the Flow which I cover elsewhere. So, we collectively create Mass Reality by our relationships with one another, nature, and spiritual connection. We are at our best when we learn collaboration of many diverse talents and values is far superior to the same individual acting alone. In particular, as is now very clear to most of us, rule by fear, lies, and torture of the many by the few has been a disaster that now motivates the masses to band together with uplifting common visions to create a far more loving world where every body has their joyful piece to contribute. This is happening even for those who don't view the same wisdom teachings. Real wisdom is all the same wisdom in different languages and ages.

A way to deal with fears that aren't clearly immediate and serious

In a few words, the natural process that works is to dwell on what you want, not what you don't want, realizing that this demands deep and broad understanding of what you don't want, and exploring new values and behaviors for better ways of interacting driven by the human gift of being able to override the fight, flight or freeze instinct we evolved to survive long before natural selection for reproductive advantage required unthinking reflex reaction to immediate danger which shut down not only thinking, but the immune system, and, with continuous fear caused illness and reduced life span. When there's a tiger on your tail you still run instead of think about whether he's hungry, or maybe phony. In today's world ruled by fear and phony tigers reproductive advantage requires treating challenges as creative opportunities. Taking a deep breath when frightened can relax the FFF spell, and get easier with practice. Here are some powerful examples of how attracting contributors with an empowering common vision instead of compelling obedience by fear and force is rapidly fueling a new norm for civilization. [tbd]
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