How the World Works

Physical Reality

by Ted R. King, Jr. 7-6-20 -

The study of physics has evolved from the innate urge to understand the nature of reality through many phases including superstition, religion, astrology and alchemy into the “Scientific Method” which in principle is the commitment to change your mind given convincing evidence that it needs changing. A diaper analogy comes to mind.

Negative Feedback produces error correction and thus positive results. The world is getting better all the time, slowly, as we learn from our mistakes.

What am I missing:

Einstein was inspired to develop Relativity by realizing if you’re inside an elevator with no outside information available being accelerated at the same acceleration as Earth gravity, g, there is no way of knowing you aren’t instead in an elevator sitting motionless on the ground—his Equivalence Principle. The result was the mind blowing Relativity theories which endless experiments have failed to falsify, which have become sacrosanct to mainstream physics, but which still need some work.

Newton’s foundational 3 laws, are also sacred to mainstream physics and unfalsified, and also need some work. Of particular interest is the 2nd law, F=ma, which requires any acceleration, a, be a result of a force F on a mass m.

It is undisputed in mainstream physics that an observer and an accelerometer in an elevator in free fall in Earth’s gravitational field will report no acceleration, no force. Yet it is sacred dogma that the elevator in free fall is accelerating due to the magical "force” of gravity when, in a vacuum, there clearly is no force on the elevator, the accelerometer or the occupant. An observer standing on the ground will indeed see the elevator accelerating relative to his frame of reference, which is not an inertial frame and is, as per Newton's 2nd, indistinguishable from a frame expanding upward at acceleration g, belying the notion of the elevator accelerating downward. Is he actually accelerating upward at g and the free falling elevator is not accelerating at all?

What am I missing?

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