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Some Seed Ideas for a Crestone OmniDome

Part 2



  • Non-profit Colorado corporation
  • Board of Directors including members representing the interests of:
    • Crestone Charter School
    • Crestone Productions
    • Area professionals in related fields
    • Local businesses
    • Local officialdom
    • Local service organizations and non-profits
    • Other committed stakeholders
  • Board of Advisors consisting of volunteers with relevant expertise
  • Staffing
    • Local people with enthusiasm for this vision
    • Executive Director full time with on-site office and assistant(s)
    • Operations Staff
    • Paid full time staff and volunteers compensated by free admissions and other perks.
    • Building and grounds maintenance staff including a full time caretaker with on-site residence


Organize committees of equal standing (no pyramid org chart) to operate on a well researched and evolving consensus decision making model. This can initially be messy and confrontational until parties get to know and respect one another, and seem slow, but when everybody has a voice and a veto the decisions reached manifest action without opposition, have been extensively researched, discussed, refined and crafted so everybody wins, and save time and trouble in the long run as the players, all playing the same tune, focus on common visions, instead of dominance and turf battles.

Instead of the entrenched, dysfunctional, glacial, bureaucratic, control-freak and psychopath-attracting, top-down military inspired chain-of-command, war making, authoritarian master-slave pyramid we will co-create a richly connected collaborative communication network of equals with a common vision, mutual respect and effective non-violent ways of conflict resolution. There are still time-critical events that require following an experienced director, like orchestras, emergencies, crisis situations, and, in our case, live video productions. In training for all crew positions the Director one day might be a camera operator the next. Master-apprentice relationships, where the masters inspire instead of command, have proven themselves over the ages, and are a whole different story from master-slave.

Committees can comprise one or more members as needed, and individuals can serve on multiple committees. The items below then represent one possible committee lineup for addressing the more important tasks and issues to be dealt with. Expect more (or fewer) as we evolve.

Distributing the tasks among many committees, with overlaps requiring inter-committee coordination, reduces the burden on each so more folks can find time to play with us, and enhances overall communication. The website, Email and web browser collaboration software will also reduce scheduling hassles, phone interruptions and travel. You can take your time to absorb this document, sleep on it, and grok it very well before you respond by email, which I can then read and ponder similarly, and refer back to as needed.

Hopefully these will be volunteer committees with support from a volunteer board of advisors all of whom are compensated by free admissions and other perks, the fun and rewards of creative collaboration, the satisfaction and prestige of engaging and uplifting our children and our culture, and contributing to the attractiveness, creative spirit, opportunities and economy of Crestone and the valley.


  • Executive Committee
    • Form the non-profit corporation
    • Manage overall business activities
    • Create the bylaws and other necessary documentation
    • Strategic planning for start-up and ongoing operations and expansion
    • Recruiting and supporting key start-up staff
    • Organize and closely collaborate with Operations
  • Operations
    • Organize, implement and track all OmniDome operations and programs
    • Regular and special meetings including representatives from all other committees for overview of all operations and input from all
  • Conflict Resolution
    • Explore and apply conflict resolution approaches to situations where consensus becomes challenging. Provide free training and workshops in conflict resolution to staff, students, and the public.
  • Outreach
    • Liaison and coordination with collaborating outside organizations, e.g. schools, businesses and non-profits
  • Facilities
    • Physical plant design, construction, expansion, maintenance, cleaning, groundskeeping and gardening
  • Budget and finance
  • Business model fine-tuning and performance tracking in collaboration with the Executive Committee

    Determine fair sustainable wages, rates and fees for operations, expansion, and unanticipated expenses. Make fees to schools and non-profits free or discounted where possible, keeping in mind that many have their own budgets for items OmniDome can provide for less and will be glad to support us.

  • Fund Raising
    • Explore funding sources
    • Grant writing
    • County
    • CO Lottery funds
    • Philanthropic Foundations
    • Support from related industries who need our graduates
    • Donation soliciting
    • Crowd Funding
    • Fees for products, services, and facilities usage
  • Accounting
    • Bookkeeping, banking, collections, disbursments and tax prep
  • Legal
    • Officialdom legal compliance
    • Recording rights and permissions in public and private locations
    • Media usage rights and permissions
    • All other legal issues
  • Publicity
    • Print, video, and web materials, products and campaigns to publicize the OmniDome and it's products, services, events, history, opportunities and operations
  • Merchandising
    • OmniDome related product development, media placement, manufacturing, marketing and sales—coordinated with other committees, Publicity in particular
  • Professional Services
    • Organization, marketing and management of professional services by OmniDome personnel, students, and graduates.
  • Website
    • Planning, development, administration and maintenance of a robust, active and responsive database supported OmniDome website supporting related promotional, networking, information, education, community service, professional, and project management services and products.
  • Networking
    • Web strategies, gatherings, events, blogs, publications, web services design and management in collaboration with the Website committee. Daily web surfing to locate, harvest, deploy and archive links and items of interest to OmniDome operations.
  • Programming
    • Selection, development and management of live streaming content, OmniDome performance events, and other programming.
  • Student Services
    • Enrollment, life and career counseling, parent relations, conflict resolution, financial aid, awards, alumni services, student participation in program design and operations
  • Educational Programs
  • Main and subcommittees for each subject area to create and administer education programs, services, certifications, and alumni services.

    Some possible subject areas that fit OmniDome facilities, needs and resources:

    • Video Production
    • Performing Arts
    • Writing
    • Dance
    • Costuming, Makeup, Prop Making and Cosplay Workshop
    • Visual Arts
    • Computer Training
    • Web Competency
    • Green Construction Arts
    • Gardening and Landscaping
    • Culinary Arts
    • Carpentry Workshop
    • Maker Space
    • Business Organization and Management - Profit and Non
    • Community Service Organization and Management
    • Networking and Empowerment


Rather than compete with areas that are already covered by the Charter School or other enterprises OmniDome can become a collaborator, showcase and common resource to help support them with rentable facilities they couldn't otherwise afford, business services and counseling, education services, and so on, saving expense and duplication of effort all around.

For example, when it rains on the Crestone Music Festival events can be moved to OmniDome. Additional Crestone Performances OmniDome events could be organized as well in any season. Local eateries could host larger events with food service from the professional kitchen. Might need a liquor license for that one. Bands and other performers could rent OmniDome for rehearsals, recording sessions, videos, and gigs. OmniDome creates extraordinary synergies.

Anything is possible.

Part 1

Rick King

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