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I can move matter with my mind. So can you. Lift your arm. There, you did it! You did this under conscious control. The endlessly repeating experimental evidence is manifest.

It’s not such a stretch to postulate that all of “physical” reality is a manifestation of consciousness, as per many ancient and modern respected sources of wisdom maintain.

Our leading physical scientists have established a predominant consensus around the experimental validity of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity (TOR) and The Standard Model of Quantum Field Theory (QFT), to which Einstein also contributed the early foundations, and then balked at the notion of “spooky action at a distance” implied by Quantum Entanglement which emerged early on in Quantum Mechanics (QM), the precursor to QFT, and has considerable experimental support. As if TOR and QFT weren’t already spooky enough. Like Newton, Einstein was a crackpot, until he wasn’t, and both are now towering icons of science. And both admitted they had no idea what gravity was, being able only to predict, not understand, how it worked.

In spite of Albert’s dedicated attempts to his dying day to unify QM and TOR into one harmonious Theory of Everything (TOE), and the same quest by hoards of physicists to this day, nobody has succeeded. My REM Theory may have some answers and should be deeply explored even if only to falsify it and stop wasting time on it.

In essence it reframes the interpretation of Einstein’s TOR evidence as the expansion of mass distorting space such that rulers, and therefore clocks, in the distorted space look shorter and slower to the outside observer, but not to the inside observer who measures the same speed of light and all other physics the same as always. Then the accelerating expansion of mass is in fact one way to interpret General Relativity, and the relative velocity of mass also accounts for Special Relativity. There is no such thing as Gravity, that spooky action at a distance! And all mass is inertial mass.

This resolves the incompatibility between the Standard Model and Relativity (which should have already been put to bed by TOR), and likely a host of other perplexing issues like black holes (no singularity), dark matter/energy, and who knows what else.

Again, endlessly repeating experimental evidence every time an accelerometer measures no acceleration in a free falling "accelerating" mass. The notion that this mass is somehow accelerating violates all three of Newton’s famous laws of motion.

One controversial issue in QM is whether the wave function collapse upon measurement is due to the apparatus or the changes of the consciousness of the observer.

This begs the exploration of the nature of mass and space and how they interact. TOR essentially says mass is bound kinetic energy (e=mc2), and QFT says that all particles are excitations, i.e. distortions, of their individual all-pervasive fields. We are left with all of physical reality existing as waves. Waves of what? How are particles bounded? Where does that energy come from?

What is the nature of space that it supports electromagnetic waves and other quantum fields and can be distorted by bound energy in motion?

The permittivity and permeability of free space are well known and determine the speed of electromagnetic waves, which is the same constant in any frame of reference, and so must also be subject to the distortion of mass expansion. There is something waving that has these properties. It would seem to be fluid, not rigid, or it could not wave. It would also have to be compressible as per Einstein’s equations. The associated physical constants are readily calculated, and would open a whole new field of physics.

It will be necessary to explore mass expansion on every scale, beginning with sub-atomic and maybe even orders of magnitude smaller. The postulate is the same as Einstein’s, that all observers get the same experimental results in their own frames of reference at every scale.

My own high priority would be to look into vortices as bounding agents. They readily form in complex energized wave motions, can attract and repel one another, and could be the expanding mechanism of expanding mass. I think it very likely that the electromagnetic field is the only field (all is light) and the particle zoo results from concerts of vortices.

It remains to explore where does the energy come from? The “Big Bang” first comes to mind, but that just adds another layer to the same problem, and is beyond physical understanding as we know it.

Then there is our understanding of “energy” which is a description of physical behavior that has been deemed a conserved quantity numerically when physical action is properly measured, not a physical thing, and underlies the foundations of every branch of physics.

What if cosmic “Inflation” and “Dark Energy” are in fact violations of the conservation of energy? It seems the universe is expanding without changing its density which implies energy is being created. From what? Does the tiny nerve impulse that fires your arm raising neurons come from a little vortex configuration created by your conscious intention?

I note that every creation of mankind originated in consciousness. We are creators. To my knowledge there has never been a creation of consciousness from any configuration of physical matter or software. I would allow that conscious entities can create physical bodies for themselves, and we seem to be a pretty good design, far superior to any conceivable digital or quantum computer, and I speak from a career in computer and software research and development. On the other hand, if everything is a manifestation of consciousness then trees, rocks, storms, and even computers are conscious in some way.

Anything Is Possible.

There is a substantial community of explorers of consciousness* who maintain that consciousness creates physical reality, not vice-versa. If you can raise your arm there has to be some connection, and it is high time to rework the Scientific Method to include experiments on subjective phenomena. After all, that’s all we have to work with in the first place.

It has been my own experience that synchronicities defying astronomical statistical odds occur about daily for me and for most of us if we are paying attention. A simple experiment would be to assemble a study group to document every synchronicity they individually experience over a period of time and run the probability numbers. The evidence from my own informal monitoring is very convincing that my thoughts are instrumental in creating my reality.

When this experiment, or some other epiphany, convinces you, it’s time to read the Seth books*. They are unique and delve deeply and as clearly as possible at our stage of development into the nature of reality with no preaching, just amazing and comprehensive information from the other side. You will never be the same.

Rick King 9-5-20

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