How the World Works


The Big Picture

When I was 2 I knew how the world worked. When you pushed something it moved in the direction you pushed it. When Daddy came home from the war he took Mom & me to the Officer’s Club where I was fascinated by the pool tables. He held me up so I could see the action and when a white ball crashed into a colored ball the colored ball flew off at an ANGLE! I was gobsmacked. I realized in a flash I didn’t know how the world worked after all, and I still don’t. That flash changed my life, and began my life-long quest to understand how the world really works. I have learned a lot in my 80+ years riding the planet, and wish to share some of it with whoever is interested.

To begin, visualize a metaphoric diagram of what is known and what isn’t. It’s just a circle. The interior is what we know, or at least think we know, and the outside is what we don’t know. The more we learn the larger the boundary with the unknown. This humbling realization and the complexity of the whole prompt me to organize this tome into several connected realms which expand upon core concepts, and end up synthesizing them all together. That’s the first core concept, aimed at communication between human minds that work best focusing on one thing at a time when learning something new. Once the core concepts are familiar the synthesis, and resulting synergy, follow naturally.

Except for my Relativistic Expansion (REM) Theory most of what follows is just my interpretation of the wisdom of the ages through the lens of my personal experience and explorations. Like the great Isaac Newton, I stand on the shoulders of giants, as do we all, evolved from clever monkeys fighting over territory and mates into tiny hairless apes, still fighting over territory and mates, on a tiny planet, in a tiny solar system in a probably infinite universe containing billions of observable galaxies with more stars than there are grains of sand on all the beaches on Earth, who have discovered how vast, complex, interconnected and mysterious is this ever-changing universe, along with our inner, usually unconscious, but accessible, universe of consciousness, and how compelling is the urge to understand it all and fulfill our creative potentials.

Starting with the most familiar realm,Physical Reality...

The Nature of

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